Dear Expectant Parent

Dear Sweet Friend,

We hope to get to know your story better as you learn about ours. It is hard to know the words to say at this very significant time of your life. We cannot fully understand the difficulty and heartache you must be facing right now in considering adoption. We are sure it is harder than words can express and your heart is surely torn in several directions. We applaud you for considering adoption for your baby. We know that whatever decision is right for you, the Lord will make it clear in your heart and provide you with the strength you need. We pray for you.

Our story

Our story begins with two 12 year olds: a girl named Joni and a boy named Chase who grew up in the same neighborhood.  During this time, our friendship grew. Joni had always felt something special for Chase (Chase’s note: Uh… Joni was madly in love with me), but he was oblivious to it all, as most boys are!  During our senior and junior years, we became better friends and closer to each other.

Joni: After high school (and a year of college), Chase served for two years as a missionary in Spain for our church. I, being a few months younger, graduated and also continued on to college to work on my degree in Sociology, because I love people. While Chase was still on his mission, I decided to go to Ecuador to volunteer in orphanages.  (Chase’s note: Bad timing if you ask me. She left a month before I was returning from Spain and didn’t return until 5 months later!) This experience made a lasting impact, and from this experience I gained greater insight of how one can love a child so instantly and so completely. Because of this experience, I knew I would someday want to adopt.

Chase: So, while Joni was gaining insights in Ecuador, I returned home and continued my schooling studying Mechanical Engineering.  I love to figure out how things work.  Five months later, Joni returned home from Ecuador and we began dating right away (I actually kissed her the day she returned!).  Sometime after, we were engaged and were later married in the Logan, Utah Temple.  A couple of years later, both Joni and I graduated from college.  Hold on…, our story doesn’t stop here.

Now, five years after our marriage here we are and it is still just us. We have always hoped for children, but it hasn’t been possible yet. Now we are hoping for our miracle baby through adoption. Chase is still in school, but now he is working on his PhD in Nuclear Engineering.  You’re probably thinking what everyone thinks after that statement: nerd!  (Chase’s note: I confess that I sometimes get really excited about making graphs and spreadsheets.  That’s it- we’ll just describe ourselves now!) 


About Chase
I think that I get along with most everyone I meet.  (Actually, there have been 2 people in my life that I haven’t gotten along with: an angry Russian scientist and a Spaniard who encouraged me to break rules as a missionary.)  I love sports, but I’m not that good.  I love watching movies and I am really good at that!  I love waffles on Saturday mornings and popcorn Sunday nights.  I really dislike going to stores alone.  I study and work hard and am religiously devoted.  I think that for a guy, I am pretty good with kids. 

About Joni
I think I am a happy person! Except when I get really hungry or tired! Chase knows to stay clear during those times! I love to laugh and enjoy being around people and learning their stories. I really enjoy helping people; it makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile. I love to create and enjoy crafting, home decorating, cooking, cake decorating, playing games of all types, and spending time outdoors especially hiking, boating, biking, swimming, or just taking a leisurely walk. I especially love to spend time with Chase.  I love to travel (with Chase of course) and I get excited about riding in a plane especially during take- off and landing! I love the butterfly feeling you get! I love spending time with our large families. We have some super good times together. I have faith in Christ and his plan for us. I love children and can’t wait to be a full-time mom!

Thank you for letting us share a little about us and our story with you. We admire you for considering adoption at this time. What a strong person you must be! We are confident the Lord will be with you and guide you as you make your decision.  We pray for you. 

With Love,

Chase & Joni