Our Story

Welcome to our adoption blog! We hope you will enjoy getting to know us and browsing around our website.

Hmmm...where to begin...Well I will start where we are at today and if you want to find out more about how it all began you will have to look under "Where It All Began!"
Chase and I are currently living in Indiana. Chase is attending graduate school to become a Nuclear Engineer. Sounds smart, right? Well he is! Joni is currently enjoying the status of home-maker. She has a degree in sociology and worked as a case manager for a little under a year before deciding that wasn't the career path she wanted, and now she is taking some time off! We have been married for just over 5 years. We have always wanted children from the beginning to join our family, but the Lord has had other plans for us. We have sought medical treatments and seen specialists but now we feel our path is being led toward adoption. We feel adoption will be our miracle.

For now, Chase keeps pretty busy with school and research and other church duties. He also likes to find time to play racquetball when he can and then spend time with Joni. Joni keeps busy with projects galore, taking care of Chase, and volunteering in the community. During the week, she likes go play volleyball with the gals on Tuesday and then spend the rest of her evenings with Chase (of course!), while maybe having some girly nights somewhere in there with her friends. We also usually spend time with friends on the weekends or with family that live close by.

We enjoy doing many things, especially together, such as: watching movies, playing games, going on bike rides, doing things outdoors, playing the Wii (especially Super Mario), traveling, and making meals together. There is a lot more than that and hopefully you will want to read more!


Chase & Joni